Learn JavaScript with games

Learn JavaScript with games

Stefan Nieuwenhuis3 min readLast update:

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Are you new to JavaScript or want to improve your coding and programming skills while having fun? Check out these games that help you to learn JavaScript, practice new programming concepts, discover new algorithms, and best practices to become a JavaScript expert!

1. Learn JavaScript with CodinGame

🔗 https://codingame.com/start

Learn JavaScript with CodinGame

CodinGame is a bit different than other coding games. Instead of solving coding problems, you actually have to write code to play the game! It offers support for more than 25 languages, including JavaScript, Ruby, and PHP.

The game graphics are nice and the editor/game UI is very smooth. It's a great website for learning JavaScript with games and to improve your coding and programming skills in a playful way.

2. Winning at JavaScript: CodeCombat

🔗 https://codecombat.com/

CodeCombat wants to make programming accessible to every student on Earth. They offer a gaming platform where students learn JavaScript (and other programming languages) in a playful way. You get to write code right from the start and it's a great way to get familiar with basic coding concepts and advanced patterns.

3. Learn to code like a robot with JSRobot 🤖

🔗 https://lab.reaal.me/jsrobot

Learn JavaScript with JSRobot

Control a robot to collect coins and reach the end of a level by learning to code in JavaScript.

4. Learn how to code with Code Wars

🔗 https://codewars.com

Learn JavaScript together with Code Wars

Code Wars helps to improve your JavaScript skills by training in challenges with others. Challenge yourself on kata, created by the community to strengthen different skills. Master JavaScript by playing games and challenges, or expand your understanding of a new programming language.

5. Lift your coding skills while having fun with Elevator Saga

🔗 https://play.elevatorsaga.com

Elevator Saga tests your JavaScript knowledge with challenges related to moving an elevator and transporting people in the most efficient manner possible.

6. For children who like to learn JavaScript: Code Monster

🔗 http://www.crunchzilla.com/code-monster

Learn JavaScript for children

Code Monster by Crunchzilla is a website that shows kids how to code using Javascript with games. The Code Monster provides children with exciting challenges and puzzles that are only solved with JavaScript.

7. Like MMOs? Screeps is the best game for you to learn JavaScript

🔗 http://screeps.com

JavaScript MMO for diehard gamers

Screeps stands for scripting creeps and is an open-source MMO game where you control your colony. As a core mechanic, you have to program your unit's AI by writing JavaScript. It's an awesome way to get familiar with the basic concepts and features of the language, as well as to level up your coding skills.